A Plan for Affordability

I've heard residents and businesses talk about Kelowna's wonderful natural beauty and quality of life. However, I've also been listening to concerns that the affordability issues pose a threat to the future growth and sustainability of your city. I have very clear plans to help navigate the city through this challenge.

Short Term Initiatives

Smarter, more affordable development patterns are needed to protect our Kelowna quality of life, promote resilient neighbourhoods, maintain bio-diversity and environmental protections, and enhance economic prosperity as the regional economic leader. Density, transit, and active transportation are the keys to long term housing affordability.

  • Establish clear City plans for housing, climate change, transport and growth
  • Pursue Kelowna's first coHousing
  • COMPASS for outlying Black Mountain, Gallaghers, Kettle Valley, Wilden, Clifton, Magic Estates
  • Include OVER PR, SMARTer Growth, CoHousing considerations (eg. station locations) in Kelowna and adjoining communities official community plans.
  • Plug into and connect UBCO students, researchers to City staff on research and teaching opportunities - realize synergies to use innovative ideas and science-based evidence to address City issues in most efficient and timely ways
  • Continue to pursue my Hydrail, cycling, housing research at UBCO towards industry partnerships in BC, as well as the Provincial Government, to grow local jobs/industry in high-tech

Long Term Goals

I promise to provide real follow through. As your City Councillor I will consult, monitor, learn and refine the City of Kelowna's plans to address our affordability issues. Each one of my short term initiatives are all conceived to grow with the City and become a solid foundation for increased, sustainable density.

  • Provide over 20 years of engineering experience to City Council and help solidify our Official Community Plan
  • Engage teams to plan, design and pursue P3 financing to realize OVER PR within 20 to 30 years
  • Hydrail demonstration projects on Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley, Okanagan Valley
  • Promote CoHousing up and down the Valley (near future OVER PR stations for access and reduced housing access/costs)
  • Revitalize BC Transit services to integrate with OVER PR, linking all Okanagan Valley communities like a 'string of pearls' with USA tourists and rest of Canada
  • Complete communities in outlying areas to 50% of jobs/services in those areas