Hydrail Okanagan

The hydrail system – similar to what’s utilized in Europe using Canadian electric battery technology – is the most compelling method of meeting today’s transportation infrastructure demands long into the future, with the added bonus of drawing tourists from around the world to enjoy.

Why Hydrogen Electric Passenger Rail (hydrail)?

Smarter, more affordable development patterns are needed to protect a sustainable quality of life, promote resilient neighbourhoods, maintain bio-diversity and environmental protections, and enhance economic prosperity. Density, transit, and active transportation are the keys to a sustainable community model.

  • Connects the Okanagan Valley in an efficient, socially-conscious and environmentally sustainable way,
  • Addresses congestion effectively,
  • Reduces transportation costs for students and seniors, while maintaining access to health services and community for seniors no longer driving,
  • Compared to roads, Hydrail is 10% of the cost, safer, cleaner, quieter and supports community climate change action plans in the Okanagan Valley,

Long Term Goals

This is existing, proven technology that could be implemented at relatively low cost in the Okanagan Valley (relative to building more and/or widened Highway 97 for growth in the coming years) with high ridership attractiveness.

  • Clean railway propulsion technology will improve the quality of life of Canadians in improved air quality and reduced noise and vibrations, specifically in areas where trains pass through inhabited areas.
  • Our research has the potential of gateway technology to convert the entire North American locomotive fleet, which will open new markets for Canadian fuel cell, H2, and battery manufacturers.
  • This will increase employment and promote made-in-Canada fuel cell technology and H2 sectors, have a reduced negative impact on the environment, and promote clean and sustainable transportation infrastructure.

In The News

Follow us as we collaborate with community partners to raise awareness and share the exciting news of Hydrail Okanagan!