Our city can honestly benefit from Gord's years of professional work experience, which is too long to list in one page. As a UBCO Associate Professor in sustainable communities, he leads the Sustainable Transport Safety Research Laboratory. He chairs the national Sustainable Development Committee for Canada’s Society of Civil Engineers, and by the way, he was one of the founding Professors and taught the first class in UBCO’s new School of Engineering in Kelowna.

As one who insists on accomplishing tasks, he led the launch of the UBC Student’s U-Pass, which impacted 45,000 Vancouver and 10,000 Kelowna students. Transit use went up by 40%, there was an almost unbelievable 7% drop in traffic on the Lions Gate bridge and over 10,000 tonnes of reduced Green House Gasses reduced in the first year in Vancouver.

Always an active supporter of improved connectivity and smarter growth, and having work for City Halls in the past, Gord knows the obstacles the staff face and feels a responsibility to become even more involved with our city's future.

You and your neighbours have identified three top issues during the citizens spring survey: Affordability, Traffic Congestion, and Safety.

Those are his areas of expertise. He researches these topics vigorously, teaches them to the next generation of engineers and writes books to help guide current city planners and engineers.

What He’s offering the city is very simple: his experience.



Residents and businesses talk about Kelowna's wonderful natural beauty and quality of life. However, we've also been listening to concerns that the affordability issues pose a threat to the future growth and sustainability of your city. Gord has very clear plans to help navigate the city through these challenges.



If you live in Kelowna, you know that we face huge congestion issues - and we're still growing! As the city continues to densify, we need well-researched and sustainable transportation solutions. Gord's known as an international expert in community planning, let him help navigate City Council through our many challlenges.



A very vocal proponent of smarter growth, Gord wants our town to be safer for our generation and for future generations. Safety is much too broad for to be described in a simple paragraph, because it encompasses topics such as the growing cyclist accident rate, but also our housing crisis, helping keep people off the streets.