Meet Gord Lovegrove

Gord Lovegrove is passionate about sustainable communities, and is one of UBCO School of Engineering’s experts in applied sustainable civil engineering - he is currently working with the Canadian and American Societies of Civil Engineers (ASCE/CSCE) on the release of a new reference textbook for practitioners and students-alike on civil engineering practices "Toward Sustainable Communities" (working title).

Gord's Experience

Gord's sustainability expertise stems from over 30 years of hands-on professional engineering experience and innovative, rigorous science-based research. In addition to his valuable contributions to the School’s teaching and research programs at UBCO, Gord Lovegrove works hard off campus as a volunteer to promote sustainable lifestyles, government, and built form in Kelowna and globally.

He has served as a Director of Kelowna's Fresh Outlook Foundation (, charter Director of Kelowna's Okanagan Car Share Co-Op (, Christian Service Brigade (, TRB Bicycle Committee (ANF20), among others.

Gord Lovegrove's contributions, expertise, and reputation have been recognized by his peers as worthy of several distinguished grants, including: a Natural Science & Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Discovery Grant, a Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Grant to equip his Sustainable Transport Safety (STS) Research Lab, and NSERC Engage Grants to solve emerging industry problems.

His STS Research Lab researches and develops knowledge based technologies and systems for more sustainable and safe communities, including ways to measure and predict sustainability metrics for community planners and engineers. Currently under development are web-based, empirical safety planning tools, and, field-based, experimental data collection and analysis tools. Scan down to the bottom of this web page for more details, and opportunities for joining and/or collaborating with Gord Lovegrove’s team.

Selected Publications

Gord Lovegrove is regularly asked to speak at sustainable community land use and transportation conferences, to co-author and contribute as expert consultant on sustainability texts used today by governments and universities across the globe. His leadership has facilitated teaching, research, planning, and implementation of projects promoting sustainability at all levels.

  • On Fused Grid (Dutch Safe Systems) neighborhood safety research: “Remaking the City Street Grid - A Model for Urban and Suburban Development”, Co-Authors: Fanis Grammenos & Gord Lovegrove, McFarland Publishers, 2015. 207 pages.
  • Mohan, Dinesh, editor (2012) Safety, Sustainability, and Future Urban Transport, Elsevier Ltd, features my sustainable road safety analyses research on Fused Grid Street Network.
  • Lovegrove, G. (2007) Road Safety Planning: New Tools for Sustainable Road Safety and Community Development, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Berlin, Germany. 218 pages.

Technical Reports

  • CLASP (2014) Innovative Infrastructure Solutions for Safer Active Transport: Case Studies from Canada, Report prepared for the for the Joint Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineering (CITE) Technical Liaison Committee (TLC) / Healthy Canada by Design (Coalitions Linking Action & Science for Prevention) CLASP Initiative, UBCO School of Engineering, Kelowna, BC. (P-I).
  • De Vries, J., Barss, P. & Lovegrove, G. (2012) Promoting Safe Use of Roads & Pathways for Vulnerable Road Users: A Review of Canadian Promising Practises, Report prepared for the Public Health Agency of Canada, Kelowna, BC. (P-I).
  • Morrison, E. & Sonmor, D. & Lovegrove, G. (2011) Sustainable Glenmore Community Research: ComPASS Phase 1 Report, September 2011. Prepared for the City of Kelowna, Kelowna, BC. 95 pages. (P-I).

Peer-Reviewed Reports

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