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These are the core issues I'm focusing on this election

SmarterGrowth principles

My vision for the Okanagan is to reconnect our communities – through smarter growth, including Kelowna’s first CoHousing development and a zero-emission Okanagan Valley Electric Regional Passenger tram-train. These system-based land use and transport initiatives work together to reduce costs and improve productivity for your city.

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Housing & Homelessness

I co-lead a Kelowna CoHousing initiative (a member of the Canadian CoHousing Network), serve on Kelowna's Gospel Mission Board, and lead UBCO's Homeless Research Cluster technology node research to support the City’s Housing & Homelessness efforts.  Together we feed & shelter people experiencing homelessness, and work with members of the public, industry, city staff and governments to provide more affordable and stable housing for all. 

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Crime & Safety

As someone who has been the victim of crime - both minor and major - this issue hits close to home for my family and l. Even one crime is too much when you are the victim. Criminologists at UBC have developed design techniques, “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” (CPTED), that I employ and train my students in to provide smarter ways to allow for growth while also providing safer, more secure neighborhoods.

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"Build more roads!" is one idea, but the research suggests that more roads just encourage more driving, more congestion, more noise, more safety problems, more air pollution, and more frustration, not to mention they cost $20 million/km – that’s not smart tax dollar spending – that’s a ‘tailpipe solution’.  Let's reconnect by planning for more local parks to meet and play in, and, for more local choices to walk, bike, and bus to shop, work, and learn, so we don't have to drive everywhere.  Less driving leaves more room for our businesses, and emergency services to keep us safe and sound. 

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Who is Gord Lovegrove?

Welcome to my site!

I'm a happily married father of four, long-time Kelowna resident, professional engineer for over 25 years; founding professor of UBC School of Engineering — my areas of experience are in planning and design of affordable housing, transportation, safety, food security, and sustainable communities. Why: My areas of expertise exactly match emerging Kelowna issues.  Engineers are strategic-thinkers and problem solvers who get the job down efficiently and effectively.  I offer sustainable development engineering experience to Council. I’ve been trusted to teach Kelowna’s future leaders, will you trust me with your vote?

It's your city, our future, and my experience.

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2022 Kelowna Municipal Candidate

Gord Lovegrove


-  Canada's 1st Departmental Science Advisor to government agencies on Housing, Climate Action, Transit, Railways & Safety 2005 - 2022

- Guest expert on Knowledge TV's "Mighty Trains" Rocky Mountaineer: Engineering feats of rail through the Rocky Mountains 2017

- Member on BC Provincial Task Force on Affordable Housing Development Review Process 2021-2022

- Executive member - Kelowna South-Central Association of Neighborhoods (KSAN) 2018-2021

- Founding member & Technology node lead - UBCO Homelessness Research Cluster 2019

- Designer/Builder - Canada's 1st ZE Hydrogen-powered Rail Passenger Vehicle 2021

- Designer/Builder - Okanagan's 1st Certified Net Zero Carriage House 2020

- Founding faculty member - UBCO School of Engineering 2005-2022

- Kelowna Civic Environmental Champion Award Finalist 2018

- Community Service Award, BC Professional Engineers 2020

- Founding member, Kelowna CoHousing Community 2018

- Board Member - Kelowna Gospel Mission since 2020

- UBC Student U-Pass Program (Vancouver) 2003

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